9. 5-Year Plan

9.1   Staff Planning for 5 years

  • which staff will be required when for the different departments/functions of the company
  • What will be the salary side cost
  • What must be done to bind this staff to the company on the long run and hence to avoid staff fluctuation and what are the cost for this.

9.2   Plan for investments and depreciation

  • how much investment capital is required to achieve the first turnover
  • Short-term investment plan
  • Large investments expected in future

9.3 Plan Profit-Loss Estimation

Shall include:

  • Turnover
  • Change of stock
  • Activated self-production
  • Operative Performance
  • Other income
  • Operative Profit
  • Material cost
  • Staff cost
  • Depreciation from investments
  • Cost for interest
  • Other operative cost and expenses
  • Operative Cost
  • Operative Result
  • Neutral Income
  • Neutral Cost
  • Annual Loss / Profit
  • No. of employees
  • Statistical data
  • Turnover per month
  • Output per month
  • Output per capita
  • Cost per capita
  • Operational cash-flow
  • Turnover profitability

9.4 Cash-Flow Planning

  • Outlook short-, medium- and long term
  • For the 1st business year expected incoming and outgoing payments split up in months
  • For the 2nd and 3rd business year, same as above but quarter yearly
  • For the 4th and 5th business year, same as above but half yearly
  • Up from when a income excess can be expected