5. Marketing

5.1   Market entrance

Descripe step-by-step market entrance and steps to win satisfied reference customers which can become important ”opinion makers”.Please answer the following questions:

  • Which customer could be important reference customers and why?
  • Draft timetable for steps when new product/company enters market (advertising, symposiums, customer visits, exhibitions, brochures, samples etc.).

5.2   Sales concept

The sales concept determines advertising and sales promotion measures as well as sales channels including the respective cost. Describe the organisation of sales including the requirements to quantity, qualification and motivation of sales personnel. Consider also to what extend the products require technical explanation and which influence this will have on the sales success.The following questions need to be answered:

  • Which sales price need to be achieved for the different products in different market segments?
  • What is the expected turnover for the different products in different market segments?
  • Description of typical process of product sales.
  • Which sales channels are to be used?
  • Consider possible ways of entering the market, e.g. quick with a low price or rather selective sale with a  maximum profit?
  • How much sales staff with which qualification and with which sales tools are planned?
  • Which sales margins must be estimated for the different sales channels and products?
  • How will the share of sales and profits be for the different sale channels?
  • Which market share shall be achieved for which sales channel?

5.3 Sales promotion

How to draw attention of customers onto the new company and products. Select the different types of sales promotion tools such as e.g. phone acquisition, direct acquisition, advertisements, symposiums, press publications, exhibitions etc.

  • How to draw attention to your improved product quality and efficiency?
  • How much time and effort is to be spent to win a new customer?
  • Which sales promotion tools are to be used?
  • What importance is to be put on customer service and hotlines?
  • How difficult will it be to keep a customer long term and what are the costs?
  • What efforts are to be untertaken to keep customers on a long term basis?
  • What is the expected sales price for each different customer target group and sales channel?
  • Which form of payment conditions will be offered?