3. Products and services

3.1   Advantages for the customers

Explanation and reasons why this products will be superior over other products. Which special advantages will the customers have in buying this product. Consider also eventual disadvantages.

  • Who are the customers?
  • What are the customers expectations in such products?
  • Which function does the product fulfil in this respect?
  • What else is required to meet the customers expectations?
  • Which other partners might be required to match the customers' benefit expectations?
  • Which competing products are already on the market?

3.2   Product development

  • Actual state of technology for such products
  • Innovation of the product
  • Future development plans for the product
  • Which products for which customers
  • Important milestones for future developments
  • Service and maintenance situation for the product
  • Guarantees for the product
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the new product in comparison with competing products
  • Resource demands for successive developments
  • View to future changes of turnover for the product including explanation of reasons why this development may be expected.

3.3   Manufacturing

Describe manufacturing process of product. Which machines and facilities with which capacities are required to meet the planned turnover targets. Inform about the expected investment budget for the manufacturing machines. Please answer the following questions:

  • Type of manufacturing process
  • Production capacity
  • Quantity and quality of machines, tools, control instruments and facilities required
  • Quantity of raw material, semi-finished and finished products required for the manufacturing of product
  • Availability of raw materials on your domestic market
  • Parts and services procured from third parties for the manufacturing of product
  • How can manufacturing capacities be increased on short notice if required?
  • Which efforts are required for such capacity increase (time, staff, equipment, cost)?
  • Measures for quality assurance and control
  • If stock is required how shall this be organised?
  • Quantity of staff required and cost structure?
  • Manufacturing costs of product under different production load conditions (e.g. under full capacity load, part capacity load e.g. 75 %, 50 % etc.)?