8. Inspection visit

  • 1st step - Present list of information, documents and samples required during inspection
  • 2nd step - Define and report scope of offer, i.e. what is included and what is excluded
  • 3rd step - Check the condition of the equipment to which extent it is ready for reuse and report condition including eventual necessary repairs, overhauls and replacements.
  • 4th step - Make complete photo documentation of the equipment
  • 5th step - Check, define and discuss scope and conditions for relocation of machine (marking, dismantling, packing,                 loading, shipping) and arrange for collecting respective offers.
  • 6th step - Collect following information material
                    * general arrangement drawings
                    * flow sheet
                    * lay-out  
                    * consumption data for power, water, steam and
                      compressed air
                    * samples
                    * QCS-information
  • 7th step - Establish a detailed report about the inspection