11. Relocation of equipment

11.1 Marking and dismantling

  • Dismantling and assembly services to be under the responsility of one company in order to avoid shifting of liabilities between the service contractors.
  • Report scope and conditions of equipment and conditions of dismantling site on the date of contracting and again at the start of dismantling to avoid unwanted changes.
  • Clarify third-party liability insurance requirements for dismantling of all parties involved.
  • Detailed marking and registration of equipment saves time and cost for re-assembly.
  • Supervision of dismantling by qualified and experienced experts, familiar with the laws and regulations applicable at dismantling site, reduces risk and saves cost.
  • Qualified dismantling crews, familiar with such projects, reduce risk, save time and save cost.

11.2 Packing and loading

  • Suitable packing protects valuable equipment
  • Detailed packing lists are the basis for tracing equipment, saving time and avoiding loss of equipment

11.3 Shipping

  • Estimate scope of shipment as good as possible
  • Use shipping company experienced in container and bulky shipments