Machines for the Production of Paper, Board and Tissue

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Please answer as many questions as possible.  The more we know the better the chance that we meet your requirements.

  • Basis Weight Range (g/m2) - Each paper usually is produced in various basis weights. Therefore please tell us the basis weight range for each grade you want to produce. If you e.g. want to produce coated papers or board, please let us know the coating basis weight also.
  • Capacity of the Machine
    (t/24 h or t/year) -
    Please let us know how much paper you want to produce per day or year. If you are looking for a machine suitable for different paper grades, please inform us how much of each grade you want to produce.
  • Sheet Width of the Machine (mm) - We need to know which sheet width the machine shall produce for you. Please tell us the untrimmed sheet width at the pope reel, i.e. at the end of the paper machine. If you are not sure about which width you shall select, please check for which application, for which converting machine or for which customer you want to produce the paper and then give us this information. Based on this we will try to select the optimum machine width for you.
  • Raw Material - Which raw material do you have available for the production of your paper. The type of raw material has got a major influence on the equipment for the stock preparation and hence on the investment cost for the machine. Therefore please try to explain as detailed as possible which types of raw material, fresh pulp or waste paper you intend to use.
  • Plant Integration - To define the scope of supply correctly and completely, please let us know, whether the new machine shall be installed in an already existing paper mill or whether it will be part of a complete ”green-field project”.
  • What is your budget for this project? - The reason for this question is, that there is such a large quantity of machines on the market and the purchases prices vary from hardly USD 100.000 to USD 20.000.000. Furthermore, knowing your budget, we can already consider form our end the necessary side cost for dismantling, packing, shipping, overhaul etc.
  • Know-How - Have you got the know-how for producing this particular grade of paper? Do you require know-how support?
  • Time Schedule - Have you already fixed the time schedule for this project? Do you know when you want to start, i.e. place an order for equipment and when you want to make the first saleable paper.  Please consider, that before you go and look for a machine, you have to have your financial budget ready. Second-hand machine buying is an opportunity business and therefore requires rapid action, once something suitable has been located .

Thank you very much for your patience in answering these questions carefully.

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