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Please answer as many of the following questions as possible. The more we know the better we can meet your requirements:

  • Type of machine - Which type of
    machine are you looking for? 
    Please describe the type of
    machine including particular
    wishes about make, type and
    year of make.
  • Pulp / Furnish - Which type of pulp or furnish shall be used?
  • Capacity of the machine (t/h, t/24h or l/min) and design data Please indicate the capacity of the machine including all data required for designing such e. g. in case of pumps throughput, head and consistency or in case of e.g. pressure screen, indication whether holes or slots are required and of which size.
  • What is your budget for this project? - The price for a second hand machine depends on the factors size, age, technical standard, condition and scope. If we know your budget, we can already consider the necessary side costs for dismantling, packing, shipping, overhaul etc.
  • Know-How - Have you got the know-how for producing this particular product? Do you require know-how support?
  • Time Schedule - Have you already fixed the time schedule for this project? Do you know when you want to start, i.e. place an order for equipment and when you want to make the first saleable paper? Your financial budget must be ready as second-hand machine buying is an opportunity business and therefore requires rapid action, once something suitable is located.

Thank you very much for your patience in answering these questions carefully.

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