Second-Hand Reel Packing Machine
(Article-no.: FHW-27)

Technical data:


Kleinewefers Krefeld

Year of make:



Reel wrapping machine for paper packing

Reels / hour

90 designed (62-75 operating)

Max. reels / day

1950 depending on size of reels

Min. reel width

388 mm

Max. reel width

3100 mm

Min. diameter

500 mm

Max. diameter

1500 mm

Proportion width: Ø


Paper overlap each side

Max. 250 mm
Min. 150 mm

Bonding type

Hotmelt and Polyvinylactet

Packing Paper

Max. Ø1200 mm
Max. width 3400 mm
Core inside Ø 76-120 mm
Kraft paper 120-260 g/m²