Second-Hand 2-Layer Fourdrinier-Type Paper Machine for the production
of 220 tpd of white and brown testliner

(Article-No.: PM2-76)

Technical data:



Year of make


Year of major  rebuilds

1984 new bottom layer headbox
1988 new top layer headbox
1991 new pulper
1995 new deinking line
1999 new pulper
2000 new central oil lubrication system
          new heat recovery system for hood
          new broke pulper
2001 new QCS
2003 new Jumbo press and rebuild offset press
2005 extension of deinking line


2-layer Fourdrinier

Working Width at Pope

2600 mm

Capacity max.

227 t/24 h

Paper Grade

Corrugated Base Paper, Testliner brown and white

Basis Weight Range

130 – 200 g/m²

Working Speed       

max. 500 m/min

Drive side

right in paper run direction

Consumption Figures       

fresh water: app. 12 m³/t
steam consumption: app. 2.2 t/t

Scope of Equipment

Stock Preparation 2 lines incl. deinking
Approach Flow 2 lines incl. deinking
Fibre Recovery System
Broke Handling System
Reject Handling System
Vacuum System
Chemical Preparation & Dosing System
Paper Machine complete
Slitter Rewinder
Spare Parts