Second-hand Offline Calander
(Article-no.: PMA-227)

Technical Data:


Kleinewefers / Voith

Year of made

1991, rebuilt 1999

Trim width

3800 mm

Paper grades

Single and double sided coated high   glossy w/f papers


1500 m/min


Flying splice by Voith made 1999


Sensomat Plus + IBS RCS2000 tambour change system

Calander rolls status

Dismantled and well stored

Calander rolls


Center rolls




Top and bottom roll



2 x 2 (2 sets of 3 rolls)


Flexitherm Ø 913 – 925 mm, Chromium   surface or CeraCal cover (hardness 1250), oil heated, pressure of doctor   blade is adjustable, face length 3950mm
(2 spare center rolls as spare available)


Ø 668 – 683 mm, plastic covered, swimming   rolls by Küsters, roll cover Rubin and Vantis S90, Neosilk S92, C2 90,   hardness 88-92 Shore D (5 spare rolls)